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Artwork Specifications

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2014 03:41PM EST

Adobe .PDF: Please embed all fonts, images etc. We would rather receive native files instead of PDF


  • PDF files require the least amount of support files or native files such as fonts and placed images, however, they also allow the least flexibility in terms of editing capabilities.

  • PDF files should be provided as high resolution files with all elements color separated and assigned proper pantone uncoated colors.

  • Files should be accurate regarding size, position, color, etc. Only minor modifications can be made.

Photoshop® CS6 or earlier: .EPS, .PSD, .TIFF. (created at 300dpi or more at 100%)


  • All files should be created or scanned at a minimum 300 dpi resolution, 100% size. Changing a low-resolution file (72 dpi) to be 300 dpi is not recommended and does not provide this same high resolution quality.

  • Layers should be left intact whenever possible.

  • Any used fonts should be included.

  • 1 color files should be converted to grayscale with desired color indicated in order comments or as monotone image with pantone uncoated color assigned.

  • 2 color files can be submitted in the following method:

    • - Multi-layered TIFF file with each color being on its own layer.

  • 1 and 2 color files submitted in CMYK or RGB format can sometimes be converted or color separated for an additional art fee that will be determined depending on the complexity of the file. Colors can be chosen with a reasonable degree of accuracy but it is strongly recommended that colors be chosen from pantone uncoated swatches and indicated in comments when order is being placed.

  • JPEG and GIF files are generally low resolution and produce poor results when printed and are therefore not a recommended or accepted file format.

Illustrator® CS6 or earlier: .EPS or .AI, convert fonts to outlines.

  • Files can be either eps or AI format and should be vector format.

  • All file elements should be assigned a pantone uncoated color.

  • Any font files used should be included or fonts should be converted to outlines.

  • Any embedded or linked images (psds, eps, tiffs, etc.) should be included.

Word® Document: Will be accepted for text or simple line art

Word is not an ideal design program and not our program of choice but can be accepted with certain limitations:
  • Files should only be used to create simple 1 or 2 color files such as type-setting return or reply address type. They should not be used for complex 2 or 4 color art with placed images.
  • Any font files used should be included.
  • Whenever possible, Word documents should be converted to PDF files.
  • Generic color(s) selected in Word such as "Red" or "Blue" will be substituted with our stock pantone uncoated colors such as Pantone 185u Red or Pantone 072u Blue.

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